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The Murray River is to Australia what the Nile River is to Egypt: a great and ancient river system that has shaped the past and the present and will continue into the future as a national icon.

Dawn on the River Murray

Mannum, just a pleasant 75 minute drive, from Adelaide, is the birthplace of the River Murray paddle steamers. It is the home of a large part of South Australia's houseboat fleet and an ideal place to begin a nostalgic journey of river exploration. Ours was Moon Shadow.

'Moon Shadow' at her mooring

Fishing For Murray Cod

The Murray Cod is Australia's best known and most sought after freshwater fish. The Murray Cod is big, robust and barrel shaped with a huge mouth and small eyes. Murray Cod will take live yabbies, grubs, shrimp or small live fish. They also taste great!

'Murray River Queen' Floating Motel

Sunset  on the River Murray

'Murray Princess' Floating Motel

Murray Princess is Australia's largest and most luxuriously appointed paddle-wheeler. It, and the Murray River Queen, glide majestically up and down the Murray River.


Kuranda Railway

The famous Kuranda Railway is a relaxing 1½ hour journey between Cairns and Kuranda through tropical rainforest and spectacular waterfalls.

The Kuranda Railway travels up one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Far North Queensland through the Barron Gorge National Park.

Kuranda Station

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary at Kuranda is the largest butterfly enclosure in Australia. The all-weather flight aviary is home to some 1500 tropical butterflies, all local to the area.

Female Orchid Butterfly

Female Cruiser Butterfly

The Butterfly Sanctuary is home to  magnificent tropical butterflies,  including the electric blue Ulysses butterfly and the largest butterfly in Australia, the Cairns or Australian Birdwing.

The Cathedral Fig Tree is in the Danbulla state forest of the Atherton Tableland Australia. This massive strangler fig tree is one of the most impressive sights in the rainforest.

A strangler fig such as the Cathedral Fig starts life high in the forest canopy where a seed is dropped by a bird or bat into the fork of a tree.

Cathedral Fig Tree

The seed germinates and may live on the host for many years. When conditions are favourable the fig sends fine aerial  roots down to the ground where they act as feeding tubes and the plant grows rapidly. Roots fuse to encircle the host tree. By restricting the sap flow to the canopy leaves,  the strangler fig may finally kill it's host. Strangler figs are a common feature of upland tropical rainforests.

Cathedral Fig Tree - Standing Fifty Metres High

Crown As Big As Two Olympic Swimming Pools

At 50 metres the Cathedral Fig stands head and shoulders above the other rainforest trees. This is the same height as a twelve storey building. The crown of the Cathedral Fig extends over 0.2 hectare. This is the same size as two Olympic swimming pools. Roots extend over one hectare.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Located in the Atherton Tableland near Cairns Australia is Millaa Millaa Falls one of the most photogenic waterfalls in the world.

Mossman Gorge is one of the most visited spots in the Wet Tropics. Part of the Daintree National Park, the gorge is the traditional home of the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people.

Mossman Gorge River

Mossman Gorge

Crystal clear water cascades over large granite boulders in the Mossman River gorge.  Located in the spectacular Daintree Rain Forest north of Cairns.

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